The Hoenke Family


Haley Hoenke describes herself as a Folk Artist and Community Activist with a passion for hospitality. Haley is a graduate of Allegheny College in Meadville, PA where she focused her studies on Women’s Studies and Dance & Movement Studies . After college, Haley worked an innkeeper, an event planner, a social media consultant, and continues to be a homeschooling mother to two boys in addition to running everything at the Fidelia Hall homestead.

Justin Hoenke is a librarian and a musician. He’s worked in public libraries all over the United States and is currently the Executive Director of the Benson Memorial Library in Titusville, Pennsylvania. Before that, he was Coordinator of Tween/Teen Services at the Chattanooga Public Library in Chattanooga, TN where Justin created The 2nd Floor, a 14,000 square foot space for ages 0-18 that brought together learning, fun, creating, and public events. As a musician, Justin has been a part of the bands Zomo and Abigail Foster’s Photosynthesis Machine and has created the DIY record label Arbacarba Records. Follow Justin’s blog at

Finn Hoenke loves Legos, Robots, Five Nights at Freddy’s, Voltron, and much more. He likes to build things, understand how things work, and is always curious about the world around him. He wants to attend Allegheny College and be a firefighter when he grows up. Finn is homeschooled and is currently in what other folks call third grade.

Aero Hoenke enjoys spending his time drinking tea, playing video games on Haley’s iPhone, and dabbling in any sports he can. In 2017 Aero discovered baseball and has been into that all summer. He loves finding Wood Sorrel and Purslane around Fidelia Hall. Aero is homeschooled and is currently in what other folks call kindergarten.