History of Fidelia Hall

The property at 102 Brook Street, now known as Fidelia Hall, was purchased  by Haley and Justin Hoenke in July 2016.

After many years living in different cities throughout the USA, Haley and Justin decided to move back to Crawford County Pennsylvania, the place where they had originally met in 2005. What made the move even more enticing was the opportunity to purchase the old St. Paul’s Church in Titusville, PA. This location, which also included the church’s former rectory, presented Haley and Justin with a unique situation: a location that allowed them to not only raise their family together but also a space to develop a  homestead that brought together their passion for family, community, creativity, sustainability, flowers, bees, art, music, fun, and food.

Prior to becoming Fidelia Hall, the property was known as St. Paul’s German Reformed Church, St. Paul’s United Church of Christ, and Faith Temple Church.