Welcome to Fidelia Hall

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In October 2019, we (The Hoenke Family) moved to Wellington, New Zealand and we no longer live and create art at Fidelia Hall.

We have been given the amazing opportunity to move to New Zealand, and although we are super excited about it, we are sad to say goodbye to the property that we have poured our hearts into over the last 4 years. We are hoping that someone who has a vision for something great can come along and pick up where we left off with the revitalization and reinvention of this beautiful historic property.

In our time here we have used the space as a dance hall, a party space, a meeting room, a recording studio, a banquet hall, a community center, an art gallery, a performance space, a theater, and a giant play room. It was perfect for all of that and holds the potential for so much more.

With 2 styles of gorgeous original stained glass windows, hardwood floors, a stamped tin ceiling, a huge organ, and a bell gifted from the Emperor of Germany, this property hall has it all!

We will continue to keep this website up to preserve the memory of Fidelia Hall between 2015-2020.

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